Managing and monitoring Broker docs

Hi ,

I’m trying to find a way of monitoring, managing and
reporting on the document flow in my wM6 solution
It sends docs to a shared Broker and uses triggers to
process them on either of 2 Integration Servers within a

During installation I defined a separate DB for ISCoreAudit
and this functional alias tests OK using Administrator
Settings > JDBC Pools

I’ve also changed the server.cnf files of both Integration
Servers to included the properties required for Logging i.e.

and also enabled Broker Document Type logging within the
Broker administration pages using
Broker Server > Brokers > myBroker
Clicked on Enable Document Type Logging

Looking at the ISCoreAudit DB I can see that rows are being
inserted by wM6.

Using Broker Administrator I can also examine Broker Clients
and Queues using
Broker Server > Brokers > Broker myBroker > Clients

All this provides part of a management solution but I also
need to ensure I see all failed/rejected docs.

To test this I run a few documents through my system cause
triggers to invoke a variety of services that either
complete ok, throw exceptions, or throw run-time exceptions.

When I try to examine the result using the Monitor, I’m
unable to see ANY BrokerEvents using wM Monitor
Monitor > Documents > Enterprise Document Query.

I can also not see any documents using the Administrator
“Document Store” interface ie.
Settings > Document Stores >View and Delete Rejected

  1. Do you have any idea what the problem could be or how
    else I could find a way of managing/reporting on the
    document flow ?

  2. Is there a way of moving the DocumentStore to a database
    (and how is this done) ? - surely it can not be safe to rely
    on the default filesystem backed DocumentStore.

(Apologies for the long post, but I wanted to be as clear as



You can set the Audit Log on the Service to log begin,end,and error and since the Audit Log eventually dumps to a RDMS, it should be viewable of failures at a Service level. (shameless plug) For an effective Queue Management tool, you can try to win the wMUsers contest or check out VIC Queue Manager at for a free trial version.