Manager Rules fired without Server going down

As the title indicates almost everyday we are getting all Manager rules fired (IS related). I noticed that the issue is exactly same as what is described in

I need help to figure out the problem or direction on it. I have confirmed with network team and there are no apparent network issues. This was not close to any restart of application either.

The log I see is as below:

On the IS:
[ISU.0000.9999D] NotificationDispatcher.PingServerThread.connect dispatcher unregistered after ping timeout

On the Manager Server (which seems an obvious response to the above):
com.wm.ism.CommunicationException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Dispatcher not found: 1214239776205

Manager_6-5-1_SP2_Fix3 fixes the issue. Took a while for webMethods to accept its a wM issue and not network. Finally they created this fix.

Thanks Mathew for sharing that information.