Manager 6.5.1 and IS on AIX


We have begun adding Integration Servers, 6.5 versions, on IBM’s AIX O/S. When I’ve attempted to add the first IS to Manager in our development environment I am finding that I cannot drill down into the IS to select the package and service monitoring. It returns with an error stating that filtering is not available on this version. I know this is the case with pre-6.0 versions of IS but thought that even 4.6 IS’s could be patched to include the needed OMI packages.

Is anyone aware of a problem with package and service filtering for IS installed on AIX? This build is the first on AIX and may be that we have just not included everything we usually have in our Solaris installs.

Thanks for any ideas people!

BTW, the Manager Server/Console install is on Solaris, but the IS is on AIX.