Management Cycle/Chain


Is there an example, document, code sample about sequential management chain/cycle pattern.

I mean a task approved until the requested participant title.

1- starting participant known (initiator manager)
2- top participant title and/or number of level are known ( we go through 3 level up, or we go through till the top participant reached)


Hello Mehmet,

Are you able to complete you implementation.

Can you please share some more details about this.Is it like all the hierarchy of the user should needs to approved some particular task.Or there is fixed number of task(say 3) and approval of the task needs to be done in hierarchically.

Baharul Islam

Hi Baharul

Somehow I have implemented as follows

Note : the attached process img. is a child process of my complete process

In my process doc. I have created fields for MC (mc/stopperLevel , mc/starterLevel , mc/currentAssignee, mc/currentLevel, mc/maxLevelReached, mc/lastCompletedUser)

First service Init Management Chain does following

  • Find stopperLevel for given process (uses Business Rule)
  • if starterLevel is greater or equal to stopperLevel it assigns TRUE value to mc/maxLevelReached otherwise assign starterLevel to currentLevel and finds users for this level and populates into mc/currentAssignee.

then Is Top Level Reached checks mc/maxLevelReached

if top level reached (process could complete if starters level is greater or equal than stopper), process will complete
if not Reported Approve Task (this task should assign to mc/currentAssignee) will execute.

After completing UI Task, it should be checked that if it’s approved or not.

If approved (set lastCompletedUser into mc/lastCompletedUser) , then we should find next approver with service Post Approve Task

Post Approve Task does followings;

  • Finds reported user of mc/lastCompletedUser, and level of her/him
  • assing those values to mc/currentAssignee, mc/currentLevel
  • check level of this user with level of stopper and decide if has been reached to max level. If it is so then sets TRUE value to the mc/maxLevelReached.

Then continues…

Hope you’ll find useful

Mehmet Eksi

Hi Mehmet,

Thanks for sharing your implementation procedure.
I was also thinking in the same way.

Butter there should be some better way to maintain management cycle.

Baharul Islam