Making a Pick List Accessible via the keyboard

Many of our users are heavily keyboard oriented. They would like to select values from a pick list via the keyboard.

A good example of this is the State Global Pick List, which has the 2-character abbreviations for each state of the United States.

If you tab through your fields on a form, when you come to the State field, the field does not receive focus, so you can’t type the first letter of the state in order to select that state (such as typing “a” to select “Alaska”).

Users are used to being able to use the keyboard to select from lists in this manner.

We did find that if you turn on accessibility mode, then the lists work with the keyboard, but one major feature you lose is the ability to have Rich Text Fields.

So for keyboard oriented users, it would be great to have the pick lists accessible via the keyboard.

Hi Howard,

Yes, we have a limitation with the plugin that we use for the dropdowns that prevent us from allowing you to use the keyboard effectively in non-accessible mode for the dropdown fields. Similar issue with the RTFs as well.

We will work on this and let you know when this is implemented.


Hi Gaurav,

Thanks for the response.