Major differences between webmethods7 and Webmethods8

Can some on e please explain the Major differences between webmethods7 and Webmethods8?

Hi Doug,

I am looking for same information. The link which you have given does not have any information as of now. Can you please send me the document (if you have) or correct link to the document?

I tried to search a lot on Empower, but no luck :frowning:

Appreciate your help!

The documentation site has been updated to include new (8.2) releases and to make links like these more stable.

Try this one:

And, if it isn’t there, just do as I do when I get a dead link - start from the home page and search or poke around.

At present, from the home page, you would look for webMethods > webMethods Product Suite > webMethods Product Suite 8.0 and 8.1 > Documentation by Product > ESB and Integration Server, and Process Engine > webMethods Product Suite Release Notes

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