Maintaining session information for HTTP

Hello, Using XML/HTTP to post data from a source application to the webMethods IS 6.1. As HTTP is a sessionless protocol and if we use username/pwd authentication, I understand each time the source wants to post, it creates a session, posts (including authentication), receives ack and closes session. This would be repeated for each transaction sent, requiring session creation and authentication each time - a potentialy significant overhead. Is there a way we can maintain session information (eg. authentication), such as through a cookie? The IS Admin guide discusses the parameter and describes as ‘Accept (true) or deny (false or null) cookies when communicating with Web servers. It is almost never a good idea to turn this off. Defaults to true’. Is this relevant to the issue? Are there ways to maintain session information between multiple HTTP posts?

Check this thread to get some alternate thoughts,


If it is truly part of the same session, then you will need to save the cookie the Integration Server sends you and send it along the next time you call a service.