mainframe vs Adapter

Many people refer wM Mainframe componet as “Mainframe Adapter”. I want them to know the main difference between an Adapter and a MF Component -

Mainframe component does not need an IS to run on. Adapters need to run on an IS. Mainframe can also subscribe to the docs published on the mainframe side.


Haven’t really understood this statement…Are u referring to a component or an adapter here?


The best thing to call the Mainframe Adapter is soon to be gone adapter or STBGA for short. It is going end of support as of March 2007 and will no longer be available. :sad: Their new solution is the Neon product whom they partner with.


What I mean to say was - In addition to the request-reply transactions
commonly used to interact with mainframe computers, the webMethods Mainframe component also allows the integration platform to subscribe to publishing events that occur on the mainframe

I did not know they are goingt to end the support to Mainframe Component. So will Neon be an another component of wM? I mean can we install this component through wM Installer?


The product from Neon is not a webMethods product so you can’t install it from webMethods Installer. It does not run inside the IS layer, it uses web services to communicate with the IS server from the Mainframe. webMethods has “partnered” with them to provide some support.