Mainframe ADABAS/Natural riding into the sunset

After 4+ decades of production work our IBM mainframe environment is scheduled to be replaced in the summer of 2020. I have been asked to provide input as to what the best options might be to still have our ADABAS data read accessible (somewhere else) after our cut over for data that was not brought forward.

Any input is appreciated.

Michael Echanove
Washington State University
Pullman, WA
(509) 335-0512

Why not Adabas/Natural on PCs?

When my client sunsets its mainframe Adabas/Natural system in a few years, a read-only version will be running on a Windows server, accessible via a browser interface. All the major components have been fully tested:

  • copy database contents to a Windows server (Adabas LUW)
  • copy and adapt the Natural application under Natural for Windows
  • access the Natural application via IE, Firefox, or Chrome

For data access you could consider replacing Natural with Adabas SQL Gateway or Adabas Client for Java, neither of which I have tested.

Thank you both for the reply. Since our objective is simply to keep a static, read-only copy of ADABAS available after the cutover your advice seems to fit the bill. Might you know what a ballpark cost of ADADAS for Windows (or perhaps Linux) might be?