I am using ApplinX I am trying to give the users the ability to create macros. I came across an article in the knowledge base about them.
APX - 1705265 : ApplinX - NPE with stop macro recorder
Product: APX Operating System Family: ALL
Version: 5.2.5 Operating System: Win Server 2003 Standard Edt
Last Updated: 10. Aug 2010 Document ID: 74979
Article ID: 567269

I was always told that you could not give the users the ability to create them, that they had to be created by the developers using paths. The article never states anything about paths just macros. I do not have the “ApplinX Macros Creator Link” that the article talks about. Can someone please tell me how to get to that link?

Thank you,

Hi Roger
The Macro recorder is implemented on the emulation template solution
You can follow the Macro recorder that is on the pagefooter.aspx