Loop over XML based arrays


I am using an XML-document as a source of properties in a service that I am writing in WM 4.6. The XML-document is converted to a record using “getFile”, “stringToDocument” and “documentToRecord”. I am then looping over a recordlist (in-array) in the created record and using another recordlist as out-array.

The problem that I have encountered is that when there is just one element in the array that I am supposed to loop over the array is no longer an array! Instead it is showed just as a record (and not a recordlist) and the looping is therefore not possible.

Any suggested solutions to this problem are highly appreciated!



In your documentToRecord service:

  1. Set the arrays value to the name of your input XML RecordList.
  2. Set the makeArrays value to true.
  • Step 1 may be unnecesary if you are specifying the recordName value which conforms to a record definition/structure that you have created.


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