Loop Over Xml Arrays webMethods io

when there is one element in the array the array is no longer an array. Instead it is showed just as a record (and not a recordlist) and repeat is not possible. I know in on-premise version we have documentTypeName(xmlNodeToDocument service) to overcome this issue, however I am not able to find a similar option in webMethods io any help on this is appreciated.


@Dave_Pemberton, can you help here? Is this expected?


Hi Madhu,

In webmethods.io Integration, the XML will be converted to JSON nodes. There is a Define IO section in FlowServices Editor, whether we can load XML as document.

Here at design time, if we have defined a document array, we will be able to loop over it using REPEAT control irrespective of the size of the array at runtime.

Let me know if that solves your problem.