Looking for an idea, of changing values by user through the cockpit application

Hi all,

I am looking for a solution that gives our user a possibility to change a value of a threshold, which I would like to use then in EPL Streaming Analytic tools.

I am going to explain what I mean:
We get data points from our devices (flow meter and pressure sensors), which we are using to understand the current situation of a machine.
With these both data points we are able to decide, if the machine is in operating or in standby mode - means, is the machine running or not. We do our calculation with EPL Streaming Analytic tools, which works fine.
The thing is, that at every machine the threshold is different for doing these decision of the two modes.
Currently we have to update the threshold manually in EPL. So at the end we need multiple EPL apps for all kind of machines.

I am looking for a solution, that the user itself could change that threshold via a cockpit widget (or similar).
My idea was, to have a data point which belongs to the device in order to use the data point in EPL app. But I have no idea how to get a widget for the cockpit application.

Does anyone have an idea or the same need?

Using the following version of Cumulocity:
BACKEND: 1016.0.259
UI: 1016.0.214

Hi Oliver

You can add a custom fragment to your devices and this fragment contains the threshold for that device. A user will be able to update the value of the threshold on the Device info page of the DM app or in the Asset details widget in the Cockpit.

As for the EPL rule, you then just need to retrieve the value of the fragment (the one containing the threshold) on the device and perform your business logic to check if it s in standby or not.









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Hi Oliver,

you can use the Properties library to create such a custom attribute:

Within the Cockpit application you can then use the Asset properties widget on a device dashboard, where you can add you previously defined custom property.

By clicking on edit within the widget you should be able to set and edit the value of the property.

The defined properties should then be usable within your Apama EPL app.


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Thanks Tristan,

I tried your idea with Analytics Builder and it works.


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