Looking for a webmethods automation test tool.

Hi All.

I am embarking on a large programme to replace some ageing infrastructure and a major component of the new design is a web methods communications layer to allow all the new services to talk to each other, and to some of the older pieces that can’t move.

Is there an obvious choice for a test tool which will allow me to build an automated regression pack of the webMethods components?

I am looking at Tricentis, SOATest and Selenium for driving the UI, but ideally I need something that can apply load and volume directly at the API level.

Any really good / really bad choices out there you can make me aware of?


I don’t quite get you question, because, on the one hand, you want to introduce webMethods (“major component of the new design is a web methods communications layer”), but then you say “regression pack of the webMethods components”. Is wM a new component or not?

Depending on the focus of your tests, there might be several tools that would do the work.

Apologies if that was not clear.

webMethods is a new component and all the webMethods interfaces need functional / load / performance testing in the first instance.

Once this functional test work is complete I want to be able to easily take those tests and run them in an automated way so that when I recieve a new build on any part of the system I can run a regression set against the end-to-end pathways which will include a significant amount of webMethods interfaces.


  • try exploring the below tools

  • SAG TestSuite

  • CA Lisa