Looking for a copy of SAG-TOURS demo application

I am trying to find the source code or just an executable copy of SAG-TOURS that I can upload to Natural for Windows.

If there is a data for the database available, I would appreciate any assistance in locating that as well.

In my default-Installation of Natural for Windows the System-Library SYSEXSTS contains some sample programs. The regarding DDMs are located in SYSEXDDM.

Me too! I have never been able to find the source code or data. :?

Thank you Matthias. :smiley:

Yes. Thanking you twice Matthias

Looking at the code and maps, it appears that all it does is iniitalizes SAG-TOURS database.

I was hoping that SAG-TOURS was a small common demo application that can be referenced by anyone that had NATURAL for Windows.

It looks as if I would have to create an application once the database is created.

Is this correct?

If so, is there an existing demo application that I can upload? Maybe one that uses the files EMPLOYEES and/or VEHICLES ?

Hmmm, you’re right. IIRC you will create a SAG-TOURS-application during SAG’s natural classes. :frowning:

Maybe you find some other demo-Application inside the SYSEX*-Libraries. Like the Dialog BROWSE1 in Library SYSEXEVT. This seems to be a Dialog-based demo-application for the EMPLOYEES/VEHICLES-Files…