Logout method


can anyone tell me how to modify the Logout link such that the resultant page can be something else other than /.

Right now logout sends the control to / and

That logout link is implemented as part of the wm_loginorout portlet. Once a user has logged in, it will draw the following link: http:///?method=logout&returnUrl=;=/

However, it is just a portlet in the shell. You could create your own shell and place whatever custom portlet you want, or just place in some htmlText with the preferred returnUrl property.


Thanks Mark.

When I’m logged in and say the current link is http://xyz:8080/mypage and I change the URL in the address bar to http://xyz:8080/home?method=logout&returnUrl=%2Fhome it logs out to the desired page but the url string still exists; hence when the user tries to enter the page just refreshes again with the url turning to http://xyz:8080/home and then he can login.

I’m not sure i understand.