Logic behind productId's


I’m reading the CompositeTemplateDevelopmentGuide.pdf. On page 26 ff, the productId’s for many webMethods components are listed. I’m curious about the logic behind these values. They seem rather random to me, I can’t recognise any system. Is there one?

Another question: on page 34 the tutorial states that a productId “does change from release to release”. I read this as “may change” (not “does”), but still: Shouldn’t a productId remain fixed? Since changing it would break CC templates?


Product ids are internal identifiers used by SAG installer for the last 15+ years.
Originally they were not intended to be public but they are the only consistent and unique identifiers for the installable components.

Product ids (almost) never change for the existing products. That’s the reason they are used in templates.
There are however changes in the products packaging and dependencies, e.g. a product is split up into more components for example. In this cases new ids may or may not overlap with the old ids.

As a general rule you can count on product ids to be the same across many releases.

HINT: Command Central 9.12 Web UI allows you to see product ids as a column in the product repository view. The column is hidden by default but you can turn it on using gear menu icon. This means you don’t have to consult the PDF for product ids.

The same policies apply to fix ids as well.