logging to windows event log

I am trying to log all errors generated by webmethods to windows event log. Another team has a service built that goes over the windows event log and alerts accordingly.

I went through log4j and the zipped logging shareware on this site. I need some help in how to start with it.


One way is to issue a system call with Windows commands and log the events.

Refer to Eventcreate command from microsoft below.


Thanks for replying. I read the service you had sugggested.

What I want to do is use the current types ie–error, warning, information etc. I need to know how to log the message to event log when an error occurs in the webmethods service. Thats where I thought of using log4j but am not sure how to go about it.


See package WmWin32, service pub.event.WinException:eventLog. If you don’t have this package already installed, try to get it from webMethods.

  • Percio

Thanks percio.

That service is similar to the requirement. Also, I am unable to find the documentation for that service. I tried looking at BISR of 6.5 and 7.1.

Can you please direct me to the proper documentation.


I tried looking for the documentation myself and I was also unsuccessful in finding anything. Create a ticket with webMethods and hopefully they will be able to provide it to you.

  • Percio

Thanks. I will try to check with wM.

Meanwhile, I am unable to register any other type of event other than error in the event log. From the info i got there is a fix for this on IS 6.1, but I am running IS 6.5.

Have to see this…


Did you got the documentation for WmWin32 package?


I am trying to log all errors generated by webmethods to windows event log using this service pub.event.WinException:eventLog.
I tried looking for the documentation for this service but haven’t find anything. Any help how to work on this