logging from custom CAF applications myWebMethods server

Hi everyone
So I have a custom CAF application which is deployed in myWebMethods server 7.2. I have logging statements in the source, and I have my own log4j.properties file.
I developed the application with WebMethods Designer. When I run some class from the designer, it writes in my custom .log file, but when I deployed the application in the server I can not see my log statements anymore or the custom .log file.
How I can logging in my own .log file or in any of the defaults logs such as full.log for example in the server?
Thank in advance :))

To take a stab at this - it might be how you are writing your log statements and the level that they are being logged… i.e warn/info/debug/trace and when deployed the settings would be inherited from that environment other than that it would have to be something else capturing your log writes and redirecting them but I doubt that

Default webMethods IS log level is set to Info level and everything else below that won’t appear in the logs