Logging Config for Indexed Task Search SQL


Anyone know what logging should be set to TRACE to see the indexed task search SQL in the logs?

I’ve tried sqlDebug, task, Task Archival & TaskEventOrchestrator
to no avail.

I just want to see the search for all tasks so I can use this on the SAG DB


Hi Ewan,

did you check the Logging Configuration in the IS Admin UI under the Settings section for the WmTaskClient package?
Might be that this one contains a log factory which then goes to the IS server.log.


Sorry for the delay in replying.
I’ll post this to help others:
We can get the actual SQL by activating the Driver sniffer parameter.
Please refer to https://empower.softwareag.com/sl24sec/SecuredServices/document/java/wmsuite10-3/DataDirect_Connect/5-1-4_DataDirect_Connect_Users_Guide.pdf.

URL will look something like:

  • jdbc:wm:oracle://localhost:1521;serviceName=XE;SpyAttributes=(log=file)spy.log;logTName=yes;timestamp=yes;load=com.wm.dd.jdbcspy.SpyDriver)

In the mws.db.xml, because Task Engine runs under MWS.