Logged Fields on error only


There are any way to enable Logged Fields on error case only?

For eg:

  • when NO ERROR => audit is without logged fields
  • when ERROR => audit contains logged fields

Thank you.

Assuming you are referring to the service logs, if the service logger is enabled, you can further customize it for a service by modifying the service properties in Designer , under section
Audit-> Log on - error and success
and Include pipeline - on Errors only
If this doesn’t meet your requirements , please provide more details.



Thank you for response.

What I mean is to enable Logged Fields just when occuor an error.
For eg.: when the service execution succeeded, I want to audit service but not to audit the fields (field1 val ?).

The service audit is already setup like this:

If the “Include pipeline” is set to On Errors only , it should include the pipeline only when there are errors, additionally if you have chosen specific fields using the Logged Fields tab in the service, that should restrict the fields too, Please refer the Service Development Help at https://documentation.softwareag.com/webmethods/designer/sdf10-7/10-7_Service_Development_Help.pdf page 156 for more details. Hope this clarifies.

We are planning to introduce an explicit service called pub.flow:logFields to solve exactly this type of issue. So, instead of explicitly logging fields via the Designer logged fields tab, you would instead call this service from within your catch clause.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help you now though :frowning:

But the feature is coming,

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Thank you all for help…I will wait this feature.

Hi John,

wow this feature seems to be very useful and assuming it no need to enable the Logging–>service logging explicitly? Pls confirm


You still need the service to be audit enabled, however we are also planning to allow this to be externalised too, so that you don’t need to set it from within Designer.

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