Log into Siebel-On-Demand using webmethods.

Hi all,

I’m trying to log into the crmondemand.com by using the webMethods http call; however, I can’t receive any jsessionid from the “Set-Cookie”. I can login successfully and get the “200 OK” status.

Does anyone happen to get this thing? I need to use the jsessionid in order to send other SOAP message.

Any idea?

Thanks in advanced.


You didn’t give us too many details to work with here.

Have you looked in the pipeline at the “header” document that is one of the outputs from the pub.client:http or pub.client:soapHTTP built-in services? Cookies should be there.



I tried the following setting:

I’m using a pub.client.http to connect to SOD:

  • url param = sod integration service URL
  • inside the header, i passed the valid UserName and Password.
  • method param = get
  • data param, command=login

I passed in the correct information to the http client and the http service out can return me a OK as status message.

It has cookie information at the “header” document; however, it doesn’t have jsessionid in there.

Additionally, I tried to implement the http call using java in webMethods. Apparently, webMethods doesn’t allow me to do it. It throws an exception which is not possible to call the webMethods http call.

Any clue on missing sesssion id?

Thanks in advanced.