Lock/Unlock features of wM flow service

Hello All,

Recently I have installed wM 9.8 trial version on windows system,and is working correctly.
But one thing I have notice when using designer for service development Lock/Unlock features is not displaying.I have login with Admin and able to create/edit flow service.But when I am editing any service the green mark(lock by current User) is not showing, also when I have right click on any service I can see these features is in disabled state.

For this default features is there any custoom setting they have applied for any release.

Please let know If any one have any update regarding the same.

Baharul Islam

Do not worry this is normal :slight_smile:

To enable locking on the Integration Server, in the IS Admin go to Settings > Extended > Edit Extended Settings and set the value of watt.server.ns.lockingMode=full

Restart your designer or IS to take the changes.

Let me know if it is working.

Just for your information, disable the packages related to VCS on IS if you are not using them.

Thanks Mahesh,
I think in previous version we no need to change this property,may be by default it was set to full.

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It might be the case, I need to check. Is your issue resolved?

Yes Mahesh ,Its working fine now.Thanks for information :).