Lock and release session in SAP

Hi ,
its regarding lock and release session in SAP adapter. As we are getting “objects locked” issue, we decided to handle this by having a machanism of lock and release session while making a call to SAP. Below is the errors that we got it. Please guide me in this.

"No session ID given, cannot release locked connection "

when I searched for this error in wMusers forum ,someone mentioned that error can be resolved by having a fix “IS_8.0_SP1_Core_Fix” in place. They had provided a solution for server wM8.0 but i am facing the same issue in wM8.2 (assuming all wM8.0 fixes will be taken care in wM82 server). Version of SAP adapter is 7.1.

thanks in advance,

Hello All,
Please let me know if you come across this kind of error or provide a suggestion on handling lock and release session concept.