Local integration server won't start

WM 10.5 running profiles\IS_default\bin\startup.bat. the CMD screen flashes up then closes and nothing happens. I can’t see anything is being written to IntegrationServer\instances\logs default log. is that that right place to look?

Hi ,
Please check the folders <install_dir>/IntegrationServer/instances/<instance_name>/logs and <install_dir>/profiles/IS_<instance_name>/logs , there should be more information there.



<install_dir>/IntegrationServer/instances/<instance_name>/logs has a default.log file created at the time of the installation. When I try to start IS nothing is populated there

<install_dir>/profiles/IS_<instance_name>/logs is empty


Good old “run as administrator” was the culprit

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Hi Niall,

You can refer to this log file:<install_dir>/IntegrationServer/instances/<instance_name>/logs/server.logs.

This is where information about the Integration Server’s operations and errors are found such as the starting process and loading of packages.

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