Loading data from CSV files

Hello All,

I just installed a MashZone NextGen 10.5.
I Move the MashZone NextGen repository to a PostGreSQL database.
I define a data flee with a CSV file as ressource.
Is the data from CSV file is loading in a table of the PostGreSQL database ?

Thanks for avance for your anwser.
Kim Teck

I’m not sure I understand your question correctly, but if you ask whether the contents of a CSV file are uploaded to a database table, then the answer is “no”. MashZone has a caching mechanism that avoids fetching the file every time it is requested, and you can configure how long this cache is active, but this cache is not located in the persistence database but in-memory.

Hello Helmut,

You understand well my question. Thanks for the confirmation.

The CVS file is recommended when you want to load few data which don’t change everyday. It is not recommended to provide an incremental data flee, one a day.

Am I rigth ?


CSV can also be used for changing, incremental data - though it is not enough to provide only the increment itself, you must provide the whole data set every time (old data + increment).

Actually, CSV is one of the best performing sources there are. If you have the choice between e.g. Excel, XML and CSV, always try to go for CSV.

Ok for the recommandation.
What about if you need to load around 1 000 000 new rows everyday ?