load oracle context

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I need to execute a stored procedure, but it contain some functions of oracle context like : FND_FILE.PUT_LINE i need to know how to load oracle context and execute my procedure without any problems,

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What are the SP inputs you have created or required after your created Adapter Service with SP template?

Please upload necessary screen shots of your AS, so it can be helpful for the users here to respond back!


thank you for yr reply, my adapter service is just a simple one to test the execution of my stored procedure,
the input of my SP are two parametre on out :
XXOA_EAM_QA_INSERT_TRT(ERRBUF OUT VARCHAR2, RETCODE OUT VARCHAR2) but Inside this SP there is fucntions that contains oracle context, i need to know how to load that context to execute frome my IS that SP,


You better load it like below:

fnd_file.put_line(fnd_file.LOG,‘Hi …’);

Let us know if you still see any difficulties.


i still have a probleme because my SP use logging file of oracle, so i can’t execute it from outside (my IS adapter service) if i try to execute it it works but without logging :? ,


I don’t have any clue at this time, let’s see what other says.