I need to iterate and list all the adapters installed in the IS.
I have used the following code to get list of adapters
IData input = Service.doInvoke(“”,“listRegisteredAdapters”,pipeline);

However I don’t know how to iterate these list and what kind object will be in list.

Hi Kumar,

The java service returns an Array of IData objects with parameters adapterTypeName and adapterDisplayName.

if I remember correctly, below are the steps to retrieve the desired values.

  1. listRegisteredAdapters returns an IData object.
  2. Create a cursor out of it.
  3. retrieve the IData array using IDataUtil.getIDataArray(IDataCursor idc, java.lang.String key). key will be “registeredAdapterList”.
  4. iterate through the IDataArray
    4.1 get cursor for the IData
    4.2 use IDataUtil.getString(IDataCursor idc, java.lang.String key) to retrieve the values for the keys adapterTypeName and adapterDisplayName

Note: I have the working code in my personal laptop. I will share that with you shortly.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for information.
I will try out that.
If possible please share the code that would be a great help for me.


Another idea is to not make this call in a Java service. Just call it in a FLOW step. Then you don’t have to mess with all the IData stuff yourself.

Is there a reason you need to call this from Java?

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