List members of a non-static Role (LDAP query)


Has anyone found a way to list the members of a non-static role in MwMS?

According to the documentation: IDirectorySession.getMembers (java.lang.String)

Also this 2009 topic states: get user list / LDAP

I am trying to use a 8.2 SP1 server defined LDAP query using the Active Directory connection already present in the Central User Management configuration of the My webMethods Server so I don’t have a second place to fill in credentials.

I have to present to the user a list of all the members belonging to specific groups in AD and using the CDS API seemed the way to do it.

Maybe there is a way to construct a Search Request for a People Picker Dialog which uses the LDAP query defined in the Role?

It is important to use the role as it carries the permissions to access certain data objects and tasks and having the definition duplicated for 100 or so roles is too error prone.

Thank you for your attention.

I’m sorry but the API doesn’t currently support that. I’d recommend that you file a feature request on our Empower site.
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SOLVED (almost)

I could solve this creating a service on the IS which calls pub.client.ldap:search

However I do not know if this search is using any user or system credential already defined in the MWS.

If the LDAP query defined in the MWS role could be retrieved to be used here as the ‘filter’ parameter, that would ensure a certain degree of consistency.

Can the IS retrieve these values (server URL, base DN, LDAP query) from the MWS?