Link to View and Download File from MWS in Email

I built a Portlet to upload Files using FileItem and Saving files to Disk on MWS Server. Now I have to send users a Link to the Uploaded File in a Task Notification.

How to achieve this?


Sorry. Forgot to Mention that we are on MWS 7.1.2 on Red Hat Linux 64 Bit OS

Creating the URL to the file depends on where the file is stored. If it is stored within MWS’s content store, then the URL includes the ID generated by MWS. (Typically something like ‘/meta/default/content/000XXXXXX’). However, if you’ve stored the file directly to disk, then have a look at this post:

For some reason, the server is using a specific IP address right now, so if you have problems locating the thread with the id 23255, search for “Image for Control File Input” instead.