like to know the built in service detail for cache services


I would like to know the details on the services (I could
Currently we are using 9.10 IS


From where can I get these built in services details PDF document? (i.e. any documentation which can explain about these services with i/p and o/p fields and which is optional). In 9.10 version I couldn’t see these services. If you have any details, kindly share me the details.


These are internal WmRoot services and sag does not provide any kind of docs for the public use.

However you can use them at your own risk and wrap them in a flow service.

Let us know your requirements and we are happy to help and provide details.

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Thank you Mahesh. Yes I tried using those services and got the details.

Another general query: Only if we could see the service list (at least view permission) or if we have the service details in a document, we can make use of these services. Your views how can we get the list of services like this, which we can’t view in Designer (but we can use it through Invoke step).

Harikumar B

Look at the node.ndf files within the WmRoot/ns folder (the file system).

Please note that you can view WmRoot package and its services in Designer. To do that, please set the value of watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot to false.

As WmRoot package is for internal purpose only, you may not see well defined APIs for various services. It is also possible that these services could change in future.

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To be more precise add the below extended setting on your IS(Settings > Extended), no restart required. After this, refresh your designer session and you will see the WmRoot package.


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Thank you so much All for your help on this.
I tried the option and I could see the services in Designer.