LIKE Operator

In the flow service, I got a variable exceptionString.
Say, for example, this variable, during runtime, assumes any one of the following

  1. “Flow exception in processing service”
  2. “Null pointer exception”
  3. “Exception in compareFlow service”
  4. “Guaranteed delivery exeception”

When exceptionString has “Flow” within its content, the flow will perform some steps and if not, it will perform someother steps.

Something like the below, I want to achieve using flow service.

If exceptionStr LIKE ‘%Flow%’ then
execute step 1
execute step 2
execute step 3
execute step 4
End If

How can I achieve this using wM flow service?

Your suggestions please.


Use a branch for this. Set evaulate-labels to true and then add the following step within branch

%exceptionStr% == /Flow/ : SEQUENCE
Step 1
Step 2

$default: SEQUENCE
Step 3
Step 4

Thanks Rupinder. It works. I was playing with
%exceptionString% == /Flow/ which did not work.