Library SYSEXT

Buenas Noche, quisiera conseguir informacion de herramientas SYSEXT y conocer el manejo de archivos o tablas SWA, pueden darme informacion al respecto.

Saludos 8)

Sorry but i think you should here only write in English. I tried it with Google to translate your text…

You could start at Lib SYSEXT the MENU Program to get Examples and Documentation about the Userexits. I think USR2019P would be the right one you’re searching for.

Sascha :>

Thanks for you answer. I´ll look over the information you have told me. And, in the future, I´ll try to write in English… :wink:
Is there any possibilty of having a forum in Spanish… Remember that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world!

Have a look at Idioma español - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre .
4th. most spoken… :smiley: