LDPA and Patter


I’ve had 2 Questions:

1. Where can I define Patterns (like a E-Mail-Ceck) in Tamino?

2. Support Tamino LDAP ? And where can I find detailed information about it. I coudn’t find mouch in the Documentaion about this.

Can someone help me ?

thx Hendrik

You can define patterns in the schema editor when you define your schema. Patterns are regular expressions, and you can enter them if you expand the “facets” sub-tree of the Logical Properties of your element. There is an example of an email pattern here (external link).

Tamino WebDAV Server supports the use of LDAP for authentication and you can find information on this in the WebDAV Server documentation if you search for LDAP and select “WebDAV Security Setup”.

Hope this helps.

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