LDAP Adapter



I would like to know about WM available adapters. I am trying to connect with LDAP and AD using webMethods. I am aware about the LDAP services available in public package but I was wondering instead of passing each parameter in every service call if we could make an Adapter like we do in JDBC.

My platform version is 10.3.

Will wait for reply.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Anamika,

you can set some global variables (or store the info in a custom properties files) and then map them to the services.
When invoking several ldap services in one flow service just keep these values in the pipeline until you reach the last ldap service in your flow.


There is something called Connector Development Kit(CDK) that you can write your own adapter to do so. However you’ll need to be quite technical and understanding of how underlying LDAP works before you can write a proper custom adapter for that.

There is no out of the box adapter available to connect to LDAP, aside the public services available under WmPublic.