Largest Number of Partners in TN

Does anyone have a large number of Partners setup in TN?
Can you comment on the maintenance, performance or any issues you encountered.
Also what do you think of the Trading Network Overview screen?


Hey Chris,

I’ve had several exchange implementations that I worked with/on that had dozens of partners (one had over 200).

The overview screen was completely filled up and not readable, but hey, as long as it works!

It reminds me of the Enterprise Monitor tool (available for download from Advantage) that tracks documents through the broker. You can actually filter the clients and just display those that are important for the monitoring required.

Yep, it would be nice to filter the TN Overview.


Below comments are for IS/TN 4.6

  1. Usually external partners get mapped as users on the
    internal IS. We have seen problems in the past where the IS server is very slow when it has to bring up the user information and you could potentially run into a lot of issues with response time when trying to administer users and permissions on the integration server for such a large number. So even if you have a large number of profiles in TN, I suggest you group these partners into fewer users on the Integration server
  2. A large partner base would typically mean a high volume of
    transactions. The Integration Server is designed to handle many
    simultaneous connections and you will need to additionally look into load balancing options to help scale the system.
  3. From a TN perspective, the overview page tends to load the profile
    information as the default page when using the console and
    rendering this image can be rather difficult and time consuming with such a large number of profiles. Setting tn.consoleSetting.overview=false in the config file for TN
    will prevent this page from showing up
  4. Try to linearly scale the partners over multiple
    TN instances (might be possible) wont truly be trading
    Networks as you would lose the one stop view for all your transactions

We have over 500 trading partners set up on Trading Networks, 95% of which are EDI. We are currently using Trading Networks for EDI communications only, with some exceptions, and are using processing rules at enveloping level to move the data to/from a translator. Our plan is to replace the translator with webMethods soon. We have not yet seen any performance issues other than it can be a little slower bringing up profiles and transaction analysis than we would like, but still bearable.

We have a large number and the archive/purge process for documents keeps failing. We have a ticket open with tech support. Has anyone else had any issues with the document size and purging from the database? If so, How did you fix it?

Let’s re ask this question.
How many partners in TN.
How do you handle migrations from QA to PROD.
My client has 4000+.
Can anyone top that?