Large JSON file Handling


I have an use case where clients will be sending large JSON file as stream to my REST webservice. I need to parse the content and send it to backend as java POJO.

As the JSON file is huge, I don’t want to convert to string straightaway due to OOM issue.

In 10.5, are there any services available to parse the large JSON content like the one for XML (XML Node Iterator)?

I have looked at the wm docs and couldn’t find the details. Before I go with the Jackson/GSON approach, I wanted to check if anyone encountered similar use case. Appreciate any recommendations or suggestions.


Hi Karthik, in 10.7 release there are some public services added to handle large JSON using iterator approach.

Good to know. Thanks Jaideep.

Hi Karthik,

How huge is huge? And is the size predictable or may it continue to grow in the future? Also, is the JSON a single object or an array of objects? Are there any performance requirements? Resource e.g. maximum memory usage?

Thanks, Christian