Large file Handling

Can someone tell me what are the best ways to handle large files xml or flat files. I am not looking from code perspective–in theory–what is the best way to handle – local disk vs terracotta (memory)


Hi Signi,

If you wish to access the data frequently than cache (terracotta) is a good option. If it is one-time job take the alternate one.

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Hi Signi,

Depends on the size of the files.

If they are in GB’s then its suggested to write the file on to disk and handle it using the Large File Handling Techniquies.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Is there any documentation out there you can point me to?

Hi signi,

What about the FlatFile Devleopers Guide?

It has a chapter about large file handling if I remember right.

Another Option might be the IS Administrators Guide or the Service Development Guide.