"Lable" is not localized and "Value" is not localized


I’m seeing this warning

  • Property “Label” is not localized.
  • Property “Value” is not localized.

Is there any issue in creating the project? I couldn’t find out why this warning occurring. Reason why I’m asking is when I run the actual project I’m getting the below Error; when I open the portlet in URL. I’m thinking this error related to the warning I"m not sure. I need to fix this error to proceed further :frowning:


{0}: Validation Error: Value is not valid

When I opened my other projects which doesn’t have this warning… Please find the attachment for the same.

Label_Value-Issue.docx (44.6 KB)

Actually those are just design-time hints for control properties values that you would want to move to a resource bundle if your portlet is going to be translated to another language.

The not localized warnings would have no impact when viewing the portlet in the browser.

Thanks Eric.

More over I’m getting the below error; but not all the time which is more doubtful ( will update my findings ).

{0}: Validation Error: Value is not valid