Korean language in Business Connector Developer


I am using SAP Business Connector 4.6 developer to create a new flow for an inbound XML document that will contain Korean Text (XML encoding EUC-KR).

I performed a quick test by bringing in the XML into a record structure, so that I could see if the Korean text came in, but I got a heap of boxes instead of the text when I look at the flow results in developer. I have the Korean language enabled on my PC, and this works for Word, Excel, outlook, SAP etc.

I can copy these boxes and paste them into Word and the text appears ok, but is there a way I can view the text within Business connector, and more importantly, will the text go through the business connector mapping ok without getting corrupted?

Thanks for your help.

See the readme.html

"webMethods Developer 6.1 conforms to the international standards of webMethods and includes support for operation in any country, locale, or language. Support for character encodings and proper formatting, display, and validation of data (such as number and date formats) has been provided throughout webMethods Developer 6.1. webMethods Developer 6.1 complies with the requirements of Unicode Standard 3.0 and later.

If you expect to display non-English data in your webMethods tools, make sure an appropriate font is installed in your operating environment. If you see hollow boxes or black squares where you expect to see non-English data, modify your JRE font.properties file to reference the font. For information on modifying your font.properties file, go to Sun’s Java website. For information on the JRE provided with this release, go to:

[url=“JDK 19 Documentation - Home”]JDK 19 Documentation - Home

Or refer to the document located at:

[url=“Display Problems”]http://www.unicode.org/help/display_problems.html[/url]

Sorry. I missed that you were using 4.6. I assume there is a similar Globalization statement in the 4.6 (although I don’t know what bugs where fixed or limitations lifted between 4.6 and 6.1). The JRE font setup steps are the same.