Kerberos logs in IS 10.3


Does anyone know where in the IS 10.3 the Kerberos-related logging events are actually logged, such as (hypothetical examples) ‘connected to the KDC, token retrieved etc.’

There is no ‘logging facilty’ in the IS Admin > Settings > Logging > Server, Integration Server for ‘Kerberos’.

The objective is to troubleshoot/check whether the ‘Kerberos config’ (or any other auth request) is working, or miconfigured, or whatever else.

Any suggestion in this direction is welcome!

Hi Feng,
The kerberos login is performed by the login module from the JVM. You can increase it’s logging in two ways:

  1. Edit the login context in /config/is_jaas.cnf and include “debug=true” as shown below:
  1. Edit /profiles/IS_/configuration/custom_wrapper.conf and add this java system property

Then restart the Integration Server. The logging will go to System.out so you can find them in /profiles/IS_/logs/wrapper.log.

Hope this helps.

I’ve give a try, and then revert back.

Hi @Senthil, I configured this, but I had no luck so far in seeing any logs… (perhaps I’m doind something wrong)

Would you mind sharing a sample operation that would trigger spitting a log entry?