Kerberos Authentication for Consumer Web Service

We are on webMethods 8.2.2, installed on Red Hat Linux. We have a need to consume Kerberos Authenticated Web Services hosted on Microsoft Sharepoint server.
Went through documentations and consulted SAG for any out of the box support. To our surprise there is for support for NTLM, Kerberos authentication on IS installed on Linux/Unix.
Can you suggest an approach to achieve the above objective.
We are currently exploring implementing Kerberos Login Module in IS using JAAS extension, provided by webMethods. But not sure if it will work for Web Service also.
Any kind of help or direction is well appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.


Hi Manoj, I think I could have a solution for you.
We (Advania) are offering a Kerberos Adapter for webMethods
Please send me an email if you want further info,


Interesting subject/topic going on here…please keep us posted on which ever way you are going and update the forum back please:)

Manoj, were you able to get this working? I have a similar requirement to call a service with kerberos as authentication method. Please let me know.


Unfortunately we couldn’t bring it to work. We implemented authentication using Kerberos. It worked fine independently but when integrating with IS, somehow it wasn’t working. SAG follow up ended with their reply that this feature is as of now not supported.
However, not sure about its support in 9.x.


Thanks for sharing the nice piece of info: :smiley: