JWT in webmethods 9.8


One of our integration task having the requirement to use JWT for calling the client REST API. Right now we are using webMethods 9.8, Is there any chance to implement JWT in webMethods 9.8?

Chandra K

9.8 is already EOM and will be End of life as well in next 6 months.

IMO, it is hard to imagine SAG spending time on new features for a version that will be out of support in 6 months. You can create a Brainstorm ticket requesting this feature in future version of the product and they might consider it. If you don’t have the luxury of an upgrade then write some custom code in a Java service using the JJWT library to generate the tokens.

Even in 10.3 there is no functionality to generate JWT. But you should be able to build a function on your version - easily using some of the toolkits.