Just Loading the Flatfile

Hello Guru’s:

This is my sample Fixed Format file:

367012062 2000200513APOR2FD1000000000000{000000000000{000500754430A000001279590{000001214760{0000000000000
367042263 1150200513APOR2FD1000000000000{000000000000{000000581605H000000000000{000000000000{0000000000000
367042364 1180200513APOR2FD1000000000000{000000000000{000000384316G000000000000{000000000000{0000000000000
367012472 2500200513APOR2FD1000000000000{000000000000{000000349149E000000000000{000000000000{0000000000000
367012472 9999999999CCOR2FD1000000000000{000000080525A000000575323H000000349149N000000000000{000000000000{

I have one quick question:

I validated the above Fixed Format Flatfile and is Valid. I just wanted to know how to LOOP the records so that I could Insert all the records into one of the custom tables in Oracle Database. I could insert only one record.

My Loop in the code is like this:

LOOP over ‘/DFAM8101/367’ --> Input Array is /DFAM8101/367 and Output Array is /OutArrayLines
Map DFAM8101 Lines:MAP --> I map DFAM8101(KSUStarsDfam8101FFSDT)
to OutArrayLines
StarsDBOps:InsertDFAM8101(My Insert Adapter Service) which maps to
OutArrayLines(Pipeline In) -->InsertDFAM8101Input(Service In) InsertDFAM8101Output (Service Out)–> InsertDFAM8101Out(Pipeline Out)

Can anybody help me out please!!!

Thank you in advance,
Priyatham Porika


I solved this problem.

Thank You,

Can you please tell me the way doing it…?