Just Arrived Thomas Erl Service Oriented Architecture Concepts Technology and Design

Service Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology and Design by Thomas Erl

With all of the hype about SOA today, it is helpful to find a work that walks you through the basics of this architectural approach from someone with real implementation experience.

The book is quite large (760 pages with index) and covers a broad collection of SOA topics including a history of SOA, key service modeling and design principles. The book also covers important technology standards such as the WS-* specs and how they might fit into an SOA approach.

I ordered this before Christmas, but it just arrived today. Too bad I didn’t have it during the holiday down time.

My wife thanks you for putting this link out here. I now have another book coming to the collection.


Well, click on the Amazon banners and buy something. I’d love for your wife to have more to thank me for. Not to mention, it help support wMusers (you can use that as an excuse if you like).

Mark C

Hi Mark,

I’m thinking about buying a book that covers the basic concepts of SOA but that also gives good insight into specific standards such as the WS-* specs.

Now that you’ve had a year and a half to read the 760 pages of the book mentioned above :), would you recommend it for what I’m looking for? And do you have any other recommendations?


Yes, Erl’s SOA Concepts book has a few chapters that cover WS-* at a high level, but its not a deep dive on any one standard. I don’t have a title to recommend for a deep dive on WS-*.

Erl’s newest book on Service Design was just released last month (Aug 2007) and is helpful for architects interested in which design principles to incorporate when designing or building enterprise-class services.