JSPs not being compiled

Hi everybody,

We are experiencing some problems while invoking JSP pages only getting the Tomcat error:
“No Context configured to process this request
The server encountered an internal error (No Context configured to process this request) that prevented it from fulfilling this request.”.

We’ve detected that the problem appears because the jsp are not being compiled.
In the documentation regarding JSP is told that only the tools.jar file should be copied from the JVM to the IS to compile JSPs but we have done that and it does not solve the problem (even after restarting the server).

We have recently migrated to another JVM but it does not work nor for the old JVM nor for the new. We are using version 6.1 of IS.
In addition, we are not getting any error on the logs (and all are enabled).

Does anybody know if there is a any service or how to force the system to compile the JSPs?

Thanks in advance and regards.

Hi Albert,

which SPs are installed for IS 6.1? SP1?

Do you have IS_Tomcat_6-1_SP1_Fix1 installed or not?

Can you post the classpath section from the About-Page from your IS here?
Where did you copy the tools.jar to?

I add a reference to the tools.jar in the server.bat or server.sh (search for the i18n.jar) and restart the server. This should work.