JSP variables webMethods jsp tags

I’ve got a jsp page that loops through some data from the pipeline output. Formatting around these tags works great, but what if I want to do some additional data manipulation on those variables from the jsp page? The two solutions I can think of are #1 to do any data manipulation in the flow service before you hand it off to the jsp. #2 is to create some javascript to manipulate the data on the client side. #3 is what I need help with, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to do. Can I do the following for example:

  • JSP page grabs the pipeline variable with ’ webm:value variable=“myVariable” ’
  • Get that value into a Java String instance
  • Do what I want with that String, such as parse it into a java.util.Date.

Thanks for the help!

Found out how to do this, and just wanted to post the answer for reference. Use the “usePipeline” tag and it put your pipeline IData object into an instance called “webm_pipe”. Here is an example:



Yemi Bedu