JScript API DOM and X-Metal DOM

I use the Tamino JScript API to retrieve XML data from Tamino to X-Metal (Corel product).

The X-Metal DOM is not compatible with the MSXML DOM used by the Tamino JScript API.

How can I do to load XML data in a X-Metal DOM ?

The Tamino JScript API makes use of the the Microsoft XMLHTTP control to do all the HTTP (GET, POST) stuff to Tamino and to obtain DOM objects. So to do the same stuff using the XMetal DOM I think you would have to code this yourself by building HTTP URL’s, e.g.:
to query mydb database for xyz documents in collection abc you issue the URL http://localhost/tamino/mydb/abc?_xql=xyz

and parse the resulting xml document (check for error etc) as well.

Thank you Stuart for your reply.

Implementing an XML parser is neither an easy work nor a short time job. But it seems to be the only way to achieve the communication between Tamino and X-Metal.

I will try this.

You don’t need to implement a DOM parser, all you need to do is to be able to process the response object coming back from Tamino, e.g.:
- check the response code
- take off the Tamino specific elements/attributes
- process sessionkey/sessionid if you are using sessions

I am hoping someone has done something along these lines with XMetal DOM with scripting and can provide you with something.


I inserted
after string
<<<function TaminoResult(queryo,req,noBody)>>>
and obtain text of response.

Can you load this text in X-Metal like
<<<boolValue=xmlDoc.loadXML(XML )>>>?

I find a solution :
- I write localy the XML document to a file,
- I open it with X-Metal.

I think it’s a good way to resolve the problem, since X-Metal is more “comfortable” when dealing with a file-system file.

I did not try the CBH’s solution, but I think it’s working too.

Thank you.

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