JMS Trigger

Can someone tell me what is “durable subscriber” while creating JMS Trigger? and how to create durable subscriber?
I did not find much information on the documentation about this.

Durable subscribers allow subscribers to receive all the messages published on a topic, including those published while the subscriber is inactive.

For durable subscription creation you can do it via MWS. Refer 9-X_Administering_Broker.pdf for more information.

Thank you for your reply.

But do we need to use Durable subscriber for Guaranteed delivery? to get the messages delivered when the client is up and running?

and what is delivery mode as ‘Persistence’ . Documentation says that “the message will not be lost even when the JMS provider is down”. Does it mean that the Universal messaging is down, Is it going to persist the JMS and processes the message when UM is up?