JMS trigger not getting Enabled ----[BRM.10.2203] JMS: Queue "QueueName" is in use.

Hi ,

Working with JMS.

I have already created a JNDI provider , Connection Factory and Queue using the MWS.

In the IS the JNDI Lookup is working fine with the it returning the “Connection Factory” and “Queue”.

The issue is that the JMS trigger is not getting enabled in IS at the path “Settings>Messaging>JMS Trigger Management”, the error thrown is as below javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: [BRM.10.2203] JMS: Queue “MDMInboundQueue” is in use.

I see why you are getting this error!

The client attempted to access a queue that is already in use by another client. For multiple access to a queue, the destination’s shared state property must be set on IS/MWS.

Let me know your updates.

The issue is resolved.

Following are the steps

Delete the package which had the JMS Trigger on the IS.
Re-Deploy the package where the JMS Trigger was present.
Deleted all the JMS Configuration , like JNDI, Connection Factory and JMS Queue
Re- Create all the above JMS Configuration.Had to tick the “Shared State” box in the JMS Queue
Reload the package

This topic may be a bit old, but just wanted to add: if you are actually using JMS as the Receive Protocol for a process model, and are getting this error, it might be because you have manually assign the Destination Name and have different Destination Names for the different Receive Message steps of the same process model. So to fix it, use the same Destination Name for all the Receive steps of the model.